XXIV Olympic Winter Games | Beijing 2022

USA VS ROC (Russia) | 2022 Olympic Women’s Ice Hockey | Game Review

In their second game of the Women’s Ice Hockey tournament at the 2022 Olympics in Beijing the United States played ROC (Russia). The Unites State were 1-0-0 going into this game. They beat Finland 5-2 in their opening game. ROC (Russia) were 1-0-0 coming into this gam. They beat Switzerland 5-2 in their opening game. The United States had to respond to Canadas 12-1 statement win. They did. ROC (Russia) had to respond to show they were just as much worthy competitors in this competition. They did.


Game Review

Part of the significance of this game is political. What’s going on with Ukraine and Russia right now and the United States response has led to this game having significance beyond the olympics and this tournament.

ROC (Russia) took a penalty for hooking a little over 5 minutes into the game. About 5 minutes later they would take a penalty for tripping. The United States would score on the power play to make it 1-0 USA. Savannah Harmon would score the goal. Hilary Knight and Hanna Brandt would get the assists. That would be the only goal of the first period. The United States would take the 1-0 lead into the second. The United States and ROC (Russia) would start the second period by taking coincidental tripping penalties. The United State would score their second goal 28 minutes into the game. Hilary Knight would score. Savannah Harmon and Kendall Coyne Schofield would get the assists. The United States would take a 2-0 lead going into the third period. The United States would score 3 goals in 5 minutes in the third period to take a 5-0 lead. The third goal was scored by Grace Zumwinkle. It was assisted by Dani Cameranesi and Megan Bozek. The fourth goal was scored by Jesse Compher. It was assisted by Abbey Murphy and Hayley Scamurra. The fifth and final goal was scored by Alex Carpenter. It was assisted by amanda Kessel and Savannah Harmon. Following 3 goals in 5 minutes ROC (Russia) would replace their goal keeper. There were four penalties in the last 10 minutes of play. ROC (Russia) got one for Tripping then boarding. The United States got a roughing penalty for their response to the boarding. Then ROC (Russia) got a penalty for an illegal check to the head or neck. The United States tried to argue it should be a 5 minute penalty instead of a 2 minute penalty. There was a little over a minute left in the game so it didn’t matter. However I think it should have been a 5 minute penalty for head contact.


I didn’t know that going into this tournament ROC (Russia) was having COVID issues. Some of their top players missed this game. The United States was dominate in this game. The scoreline shows that. They kept ROC (Russia) stuck in their own zone for majority of the game. ROC (Russia) took a shot after the buzzer in the first period. Some of the USA players took exception to that. If this was not international competition there would have been more than players just jetting in each others faces. At one point ROC (Russia) did fight back and create some scoring chances but the United States scored and ended any momentum ROC (Russia) had. This is back to back olympic shutouts against ROC (Russia) for United States goaltender Nicole Hensley. Things did start to get more physical and heated up as the game came to a close. I wouldn’t be surprised if things got really physical or heated if these two teams face each other again in this tournament. A huge positive is that the United States is seeing goals coming from a lot of different players.




Next game

In just a few hours the United States Women’s Ice Hockey team 2-0-0 will take on Switzerland 0-2-0. USA will be looking to continue their unbeaten streak. They are gunning for that first place spot in Group A currently held by Canada. Will the USA score 10 or more goals on Switzerland like Canada did? Will Switzerland be able to play competitively or will their struggles continue?



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