XXIV Olympic Winter Games | Beijing 2022

Day 12 | XXIV Olympic Winter Games | Beijing 2022

We are now 12 days into the XXIV Olympic Winter Games being held in Beijing China. There are 7 days left in the 2022 Olympics. Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Bobsleigh, Cross-Country Skiing, Curling, Ice Hockey, Nordic Combined, Short Track Speed Skating, Ski Jumping, and Speed Skating happened. Medals were handed out for Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Cross-Country Skiing, Short Track Speed Skating, and Speed Skating.


Alpine Skiing. The Men’s Giant Slalom finished up. The Women’s Downhill 2nd Training was cancelled. Switzerlands Marco Odermatt won gold. Slovenia Zan Kranjec won silver. Mathieu Faivre won bronze. The United States barely came in 4th. .26 seconds seperated USA from a podium spot. The United States also came in 12th. Alpine Skiing will continue tomorrow.


Biathlon. In Biathlon there was the Women’s 10km Pursuit. They also had the Men’s 12.5km Pursuit. In the the Women’s 10km Pursuit, Norways Marte Olsbu Roeiseland won gold. Swedens Elvira Oeberg won silver. Norways Tiril Eckhoff won bronze. The United States came in 29th, 38th, 40th, and 47th. In the the Men’s 12.5km Pursuit, Frances Quentin Fillon Maillet won gold. Norways Tarjei Boe won silver. ROC (Russia) Eduard Latypov won bronze. The United States came in 40th, and 43rd. Biathlon continues on the 15th.


Bobsleigh. There was the Women’s Monobob heats 1 and 2. Bobsleigh will continue tonight.


Cross-Country Skiing. In Cross-Country Skiing they had the Men’s 4 x 10km Relay. ROC (Russia) won gold. Norway won silver. France won bronze. The United States came in 9th. Cross Country Skiing continues on the 16th.


In Curling there was more round robin matches for both the Men’s and Women’s competitions. Eleven matches were played. In the Men’s competition Sweden leads in the standings. They are the only still undefeated Men’s team. Great Britain is in second. Canada, ROC, and Switzerland are tied for third. The United States is in 6th. The United States needs to move up two spots to qualify for the elimination round. In the Women’s competition Switzerland leads the standing. They are the only remaining undefeated Women’s team. Japan is in second. Great Britain, Sweden and the United States are tied for third. Canada is in 8th.

Curling will continue with eleven more group matches.

Men’s standings:

Women’s standings:


A lot more action in Ice Hockey. The Men’s tournament finished up the group stage. This is the third time that USA hockey has gone undefeated in the group stage. They went undefeated in the 1960 during the VIII Olympic Winter Games (Squaw Valley 1960) and in 2010 during the XXI Olympic Winter Games (Vancouver 2010). I will go more in depth about what is going on in Ice Hockey in later posts.

Men’s final group standings:

Mens Qualification Play-off matchups:

Women’s Semifinal matchups and results:

Upcoming Games:


Nordic Combined. They had more training. The Nordic Combined Continues tonight.


Short Track Speed Skating. The Women’s 3000m Relay finished up. The Men’s 500m finished up as well. In the Women’s 3000m Relay the Netherlands won gold. Republic of Korea won silver. China won bronze. The United States did not finish in Final B. In the Men’s 500m, Hungrys Shaoang Liu won gold. ROC (Russia) Konstantin Ivliev won silver. Canadas Steven Dabois won bronze. Short Track Speed Skating will finish up on the 16th.

Women’s 3000m Relay results:

Men’s 500m results:


Ski Jumping. They continued the Men’s Large Hill training. Ski Jumping finishes up in the AM.


Speed Skating. Women’s 500m. The United States Erin Jackson won gold. Japans Miho Takagi won silver. ROC (Russia) Angelina Golikova won bronze. Speed Skating continues on the 14th.


Norway knocked Germany off the top of the medal count. Norway leads with 9 gold medals. Germany is in 2nd with 8 gold medals. The United States is in third with 6 gold medals. Canada is in 14th with 1 gold medal.

Norway still leads the overall with 21 medals. ROC (Russia) is in second with 17. Germany, Austria and Canada are tied for third with 14 medals. The United States is in third with 12 medals.

The United States has 12 total medals. 6 gold. 5 silver. 1 bronze. Canada has 14 total medals. 1 gold. 4 silver. 9 bronze.

Here is the current medal count:


Coming up is Alpine Skiing, Bobsleigh, Curling, Figure Skating, Freestyle Skiing, Ice Hockey, Nordic Combined, Ski Jumping, and Snowboarding.



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