XXIV Olympic Winter Games | Beijing 2022

Women’s Ice Hockey Tournament Day 10 | XXIV Olympic Winter Games | Beijing 2022

The Women’s Ice Hockey tournament at the XXIV Olympic Winter games continued. Both Semifinals games happened. Canada vs Switzerland. United States vs Finland. The winners would move on to the gold medal game. The losers would play in the bronze medal game.


Canada vs Switzerland. Canada won Group A. They had a record of 4-0-0 in the group stage. In their last game they beat Sweden 11-0. Switzerland came in last in Group A. They went 1-3-0 in the Group Stage. In their last game they defeated ROC (Russia) 4-2. In their last meeting in this tournament Canada defeated Switzerland 12-1.

Canada opened up the scoring 7 minutes into the game. They would score 3 goals in just under 2 minutes. Switzerland would call a timeout. Canada would score following the timeout. After Canadas fourth goal in under five minutes Switzerland would make a goaltending change. Canada would make it 5-0 a minute after the goalie change. Switzerland would score before the end of the period. The score going into the second period was 5-1 Canada. Switzerland was able to score just 4 minutes into the second period. Canada would make it 6-2 a few minutes later. Canada would score again less them a minute later. Switzerland would score again about half way through the period. Canada would make it 8-3 before the second period ended. Canada made it 9-3 early in the second period. Canada scored again in the final 2 minutes of the game. The final score was 10-3.

It was not as bad of a loss as the last time these two teams played. Switzerland was still unable to keep the game competitive. Canada scored in bunches. Switzerland just couldn’t keep up. Canada now has a chance to win gold. Switzerland still has a chance to win bronze.


United States vs Finland. I will do an in depth review of this game in my next post. the United States won 4-1. The United States have advanced into the gold medal game. Finland still has a chance at a medal in the bronze medal game.


Here are the final group standings. Canada won Group A. Japan won Group B.


Below is the current bracket. The Semifinals are over. It’s on to the games where winning is everything. The medal games. The bronze medal game between Switzerland and Finland will be on Wednesday, February 16th at 3:30am. The gold medal match will be on Wednesday, February 16th at 8pm.

Who will win gold? Who will win bronze? Will Canada find a way to beat the United States again? Will the United States hand Canada their only loss of the tournament. Will the United States be able to defend their title as olympic champions? Will Switzerland have what it takes to beat Finland? Will Finland be able to play well enough to win bronze.



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