XXIV Olympic Winter Games | Beijing 2022

USA VS Canada | 2022 Olympic Women’s Ice Hockey | Gold Medal Game Review

The United States played Canada in the Gold Medal game of the Women’s Ice Hockey tournament at the Beijing 2022 Olympics. The United States came in second in Group A. They went 3-1-0 in the group stage. In their last game the United States defeated Finland in the Semifinals. The United States won that game 4-1. Canada won Group A. They went 3-0 in the group stage. In their last game Canada defeated Switzerland 10-3 in the Semifinals. The United States played Canada in the group stage. Canada won that game 4-3.


Game Review

Canada opened up the scoring 7 minutes into the game. Canada then expanded their lead to two goals with under 5 minutes to play in the first period. The United States would take a penalty less then 30 seconds later. The penalty would be for delay of game. Canada would take a 2-0 lead into the second period.

Canada made it 3-0 9 minutes into the second period. Canada then took a penalty for hooking. USA then took a penalty for holding. The United States would get one back before the end of the period. Hilary Knight score the goal. Hannah Brandt got the assist. Canada had a 3-1 lead going into the third period.

Canada took a penalty for hooking 10 minutes into the third period. Late in the third period the United States pulled their goalie. Canada took a penalty for tripping. The United States called a time out. The United States was able to score but with only 15 Seconds left in the game. Amanda Kessel scored the goal. Abby Roque and Alex Carpenter got the assists. Canada was able to hold on to their lead to win. The final score was 3-2.


This was the gold medal game. Everyone expected these two teams in this game. The United States and Canada are miles ahead of the other Women’s Ice Hockey teams. They are elite and dominance while the other teams are just happy to put a team together. Everyone in this tournament knew who was expected to win. Everyone else knew that they were just competing for bronze.

Canada won and wins gold. The United States gets silver. I think you could flip a coin to see who wins. That’s how close these two teams are. Im disappointed the United States didn’t win gold. Im not as emotional about it as when the men lost. I do want us to win gold. I want us to prove we are the best team in the world. But at least we got silver. The best way I can put it is that I am content that we got silver. We lost to Canada in the final. We didn’t lose to a lesser team. We only lost by one goal. We’re still way better than everyone else. They gave it everything they had in that game. If our powerplay was better we could have won. Our powerplay was terrible all tournament. No one wanted to shoot the puck. When they did shoot the puck it was either not quick or hard enough.


This was the most watched hockey game since 2019. With that in mind some of the players have expressed as they have been for years that they want a better league. I’m down for a better pro Women’s hockey league. However I don’t know how much interest there is outside of the interest from players. Looking at other pro Women’s leagues in North America the WNBA has never been profitable. They reportedly bleed tens of millions of dollars every season and only have a handful of teams. In soccer (which has probably the second most if not most popular USA Women’s team, the National Women’s Soccer League has never been able to find its footing. They can’t compete with any other leagues in attendance or profit. The NWSL has gotten to the point where the players wanted something better and reached out to the USL who then decided to create a women’s league. I. The current North American sports market, a new women’s pro hockey league would have to compete with 6 different major sports leagues as well as a lot minor sports leagues. It would be difficult and I think an expectation that the league will be like the NHL right out of the gate is unreasonable. I don’t think any new hockey league could go toe to toe with the NHL. To be successful I think the league would have to establish itself over two years before having a single season. I think they should target but not limit themselves to markets without hockey teams. I think they should avoid NHL markets. I think establishing a unique system like what it seen in Europe soccer would help grow and establish a women’s league. I think the expectations should be that it will be on pace with the ECHL. 32ish teams with 10k seat stadiums should be the goal. I think it is reasonable and I think it could allow for strong foundation for a pro women’s hockey league. If there was a team in Reno I would support it as long as it wasn’t all political like the WNBA or USSF Women’s team.



Next game

That’s it for Women’s hockey for the 2022 Olympics. Canada takes gold. USA takes silver. Finland takes bronze. I may do a recap for the whole women’s tournament later. I also may do a blog to expand on my thoughts on a pro women’s hockey league.



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