Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey Concept

The Toronto Maple Leafs and Buffalo Sabers of the National Hockey League will be playing in the 2022 Heritage Classic. The game will take place Sunday, March 13, 2022. The game will take place at Tim Hortons Field. The last Heritage Classic was in 2019. Both the Toronto Maple Leafs and Buffalo Sabers have released their jersey designs. The Buffalo Sabers jersey is ok. I don’t think it is as good as some of their previous outdoor jerseys. I don’t like the Toronto Maple Leafs jersey. I had some ideas for it I turned those ideas into concepts.


Current Jersey


I took what The Buffalo Sabers did but for the Maple Leafs. The sabers basically took inspiration form their old jerseys to make a new one. I did that here with the Leafs jersey. I took the logo that they used in 1926/1927 as the main inspiration for this jersey. I then took the jersey they used from 1962 to 1967 (the last time the leafs were good) turned it green and added the old logo. After doing the jersey I realized that I should have added the Heritage Classic logo to the shoulder but oh well. Why green? When they were the St. Pats, and the first year they were the Maple Leafs, Toronto was green and white not the current blue and white. Plus I really like the logo.


I didn’t do much else outside of the main concept. I knew what I wanted to do and did it. I did recolor the concept in blue. I also did the concept the now iconic Toronto Maple Leafs jersey pattern that was introduced in the1970’s and used until the 1990’s.


70’s Showdown

I think a 1970’s showdown (like seen in the images above) would have been the best choice for the 2022 Heritage Classic. I think if they rocked these jerseys it would hav been sick.


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