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The Zac Electrifly Shop 4th Of July Limited Collection Is Here

Today on the Zac Electrifly Shop the limited edition 4th of July merch has dropped. There are seven different designs and twenty eight prodcts. They are only here for a limited time. Th elast day to buy this will be July 4th 2022.


There are two Reno Pond Hockey designs in this collection. One design has the primary Reno Pond Hockey logo in USA colors. The other design is based off of the USA hockey jersey used in 1960 Squaw Valley Olympics. These designs come in t-shirts and hats. Of course like with all Reno Pond Hockey merch buying it helps local hockey and you can show your support for both youth and adult pond hockey.

Link to collection


There are two designs for High Desert Archery. The designs put both the main logo and the Bighorn logo in USA colors. These designs only come in t-shirts. Buying these shirts helps local archery. It helps keep the rang open. Keeping the rang open helps keeps youth and adult archery alive in Reno.

Link to collection


The main designs in this collection are United States designs. The designs used here will also be in my Reno Ice Olympic concept. These designs are the main designs for this collection. The first design is a shield in a circle with United States around it. The second design is a shield that says USA on it. Finally there are three USA word mark logos in red, white and blue. There are t-shirts, hats, stickers, beer sleeves, and buttons with these designs available in the 4th of July collection.

Link to collection


Stay tuned another limited edition collection will be here in July.


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