Qatar 2022

FIFA World Cup Qatar Daily Recap | Nov. 23, 2022

Morocco vs Croatia

The first match today was Morocco vs Croatia. Morocco took eight shots during the game. Croatia had 65% of the possession. Neither team scored. It turned out to be an even game. The final was a 0-0 draw. I kinda expected more from Croatia in this one.


Germany vs Japan

The second match of the day was Germany vs Japan. Japan had a goal come back due to offsides. Germany opened the scoring in the 33′ minute. Germany got a penalty kick after the Japanese goalie tackled the German player. Germany would take the lead into halftime. Japan tied the game in the 75′ minute. Japan would take the lead in the 83′ minute. With a German defender pressuring him, Takuma Asano was able to get a shot off almost at the goal line. The shot went over the keeper and in the net. Very skilled, very focused goal. It was an incredible goal. Japan was able to hang on tot their lead. The final was 2-1 Japan. A lot of people are calling this an upset. I do not see this as an upset. I think Japan is much better than people give them credit for. I said this would be a good game and it was. Germany did take a lot of shots, Germany did have a lot of the possession but didn’t turn that into goals.


Spain vs Costa Rica

Today’s third match was Spain vs Costa Rica. Spain started the scoring in the 11′ minute and never let up. The final was 7-0. Spain went through Costa Rica like it was nothing. I said Spain would either dominate the game or it would be close. Spain dominated the game. Costa Rica did nothing to stop Spain. Spain took 17 shots. They had 82% of the possession. Costa Rica didn’t even get a shot. This is the worst start imaginable for Costa Rica.


Belgium vs Canada

The Match I was most looking forward to today. Canada had the chance to take the lead in the first half. They had a penalty kick. Belgium’s keeper saved it. Belgium took the lead in the 44′ minute. Belgium put the ball pretty much into the box from their own side of the field. Michy Batshuayi one touched it into the back of the net. The final was 1-0 Belgium. I wanted Canada to win. The last world cup they qualified for was Mexico 1986. It was a close match. Canada took a lot of shots. I think they should take more high quality shots in their next game. The Belgium keeper made all the difference in this game. He is the reason Canada lost.


Only eight teams have not played yet. after tomorrow’s matches, all teams will have played. The Netherlands leads Group A. England leads Group B. Saudi Arabia leads Group C. France leads Group D. Spain now leads Group E. It is going to be tough for Costa Rica to get out of last. Belgium Leads Group F. They are also the only team in Group F to have scored a goal. Canada is at the bottom of the group. I don’t think they will stay there long.


Switzerland vs Cameroon will be the first match tomorrow. Switzerland should have no problem winning that match. Uruguay will play Korea in the second match. Uruguay is higher ranked but I want Korea to win. Portugal is taking on Ghana. Portugal could easily match what Spain did today in this match. If Ghana wins it be a shock to the whole world. Brazil will debut against Serbia. Brazil is ranked number one by FIFA. This match might not be as bad of a blowout as Portugal vs Ghana or Spain Costa Rica, but it has the potential to be a blowout. Tomorrow looks like two close matches and two blowouts.

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