Qatar 2022

FIFA World Cup Qatar Daily Recap | Nov. 24, 2022

Switzerland vs Cameroon

In today’s first match Switzerland played Cameroon. Neither team scored in the first half. Switzerland scored the game’s only goal in the 48′ minute of the game. The final score was 1-0 Switzerland. Cameroon had more shots and more shots on target. The possession was close. This game was a lot closer than I thought it would be.


Uruguay vs South Korea

Uruguay took on South Korea for the second match of the day. Neither team could find an edge in this match. The final was a 0-0 draw. Uruguay had more shots. Uruguay had the only shot on target during the game. Possession was fairly even. I thought South Korea would have won. I thought they would have a little bit more of an edge in the game. Guess not.


Portugal vs Ghana

Portugal played Ghana in a very anticipated match. Portugal’s star player Christiano Ronaldo was dropped by Manchester United yesterday. That added a lot of drama to this match. No one scored in the first half. I think that was huge for Ghana. Christiano Ronaldo opened up the scoring in the 65′ minute. Ghana tied the game. Portugal took the lead. Ghana went down by two. Ghana scored in the 89′ minute to pull within one. With 9′ minutes of extra time Ghana came really close in the final minutes to tying the game. They stole the ball from the goalie inside of the box in the final minutes of the game. They didn’t get the ball cleanly and couldn’t take a shot. the final was 3-2 Portugal. The game was a lot closer than I thought it would be. I thought Portugal would destroy Ghana. Ghana held their own though.


Brazil vs Serbia

The last game of today was Brazil vs Serbia. This was another very anticipated game. Brazil is the number one ranked team by FIFA. They are expected to do well. The game was scoreless after the first half. Brazil scored the game’s opening goal in the 62′ minute. They would add to their lead in the 73′ minute. The final was 2-0 Brazil. I expected more from Brazil. This match had the potential to be a blowout. In the end Brazil under preformed in their opening match. Brazil took 22 shots. they also had 59% of possession. Credit to Serbia for giving them a battle.


All of the teams have now played. The Netherlands leads Group A. England leads Group B. Saudi Arabia leads Group C. France leads Group D. Spain leads Group E. Belgium Leads Group F. Brazil now leads Group G. Switzerland is right there with them. Serbia is in the back of Group G but I think they will get into the second or third spot. Portugal leads Group H. No surprise there. They are the only team in Group to have scored a goal so far. Ghana is in last in Group H but the way they played today makes me think they could move up.


If Wales wins they will get out of the group stage. If Iran wins they will have a chance to get out of the group stage in their final game. If Qatar vs Senegal ends in a draw or either team wins, moving on from the group stage will still come down to the final match for both teams. If the Netherlands beats Ecuador they will move on to the elimination stage. If Ecuador wins they will move on to the elimination stage. If the Netherlands vs Ecuador game ends in a draw then all of the Group A teams hopes for moving on to the elimination stage will come down to the final group matches. England vs the United States. The most anticipated game of the tournament for me. I am hoping for a United States win. If England wins or the game ends in a draw they will move on to the elimination stage. If the United States win they will move on to the elimination round. I will have a game preview for that one in the morning.

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