Qatar 2022

FIFA World Cup Qatar Daily Recap | Nov. 27, 2022

Japan vs Costa Rica

The first match today was Japan vs Costa Rica. Neither team scored in the first half. The tie would eventually be broken in the 81′ minute. Japan failed to clear the ball. They turned it over above their box. It was passed into the top of the box. Costa Rica took a shot. The Japanese goalie couldn’t get enough on the ball to stop it. Costa Rica took the lead. Japan would get a few more chances. The final was 1-0 Costa Rica. Japan had a lot more shots. The possession was fairly even. Japan just couldn’t find the back of the net. Costa Rica gets the bounce back win they were looking for.


Belgium vs Morocco

The second game of today was Belgium vs Morocco. Morocco scored in the 46′ minute. That goal was called back after a video review. The game would go scoreless into halftime. Morocco opened the scoring in the 73′ minute with a goal off of a set piece. The shot was taken directly off the set piece. Morocco would add to their lead in the 90+2′ minute. They brought the ball into the box. Put the ball back in the middle and scored. The final was 2-0 Morocco. Both teams had plenty of shot. Both teams traded chances all game. Belgium just didn’t find the back of the net.


Croatia vs Canada

The third game match today was Croatia vs Canada. Canada opened the scoring early. They would take the lead in the 2′ minute. Croatia tied the game in the 36′ minute. Croatia took the lead in the 44′ minute. The score was 2-1 Croatia going into the second half. Croatia would add to their lead in the 70′ minute and 90+4′ minute. The final was 4-1 Croatia. Canada couldn’t hold their lead into the second half. That is a large part of why Canada lost. Both teams had plenty of shots. Possession was even. Canada just let Croatia run away with the game.


Spain vs Germany

The third match of the day was Spain vs Germany. This was a very anticipated match between two of the top teams in the tournament. Neither team would score in the first half. Germany would have a goal called back after a video review. Spain would score in the 62′ minute. Germany would tie the game in the 83′ minute. The final score was 1-1 draw. Both teams played cautiously. In the second half the game started to open up. Both teams started taking more chances. In the end the match ended in a tie. Germany had more shots while Spain had majority of the possession. Germany was comfortable playing without the ball and they made it count when they did have the ball. It was a good match.


Spain remains in the top spot in Group E. Germany is now at the bottom. Croatia now leads Group F. Canada is now in last place in Group F.

The Netherlands leads Group A. England leads Group B. Poland leads Group C. France leads Group D. Brazil leads Group G. Portugal leads Group H.


Cameroon vs Serbia. Neither team has scored yet. Both teams are looking for their first win. South Korea vs Ghana. South Korea should win this one. Brazil vs Switzerland. The two heavyweights in Group G face off. With a win, either team can secure their spot in the elimination round. Portugal vs Uruguay. Should be an easy win for Portugal.

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