Qatar 2022

FIFA World Cup Qatar Daily Recap | Nov. 28, 2022

Cameroon vs Serbia

Match one today was a Group G match between Cameroon and Serbia. Cameroon opened the scoring in the 29′ minute. Serbia would tie the game and take the lead in extra time during the first half. The score was 2-1 Serbia going into the second half. Serbia added to their lead in the 53′ minute. Cameroon cut the lead down in the 63′ minute. They tied the game in 66′ minute. The game ended in a 3-3 draw. Neither team could hold the lead in this one. Shots were about even with Serbia having 60% of the possession. Serbia should have won bit Cameroon now has an incredible come back story.


Ghana vs South Korea

In today’s second match Ghana took on South Korea. Ghana opened the scoring in the 24′ minute. Ghana added to their lead in the 34′ minute. It was 2-0 Ghana going into the second half. South Korea would score in the 58′ and 61′ minutes to tie the game. Ghana would seal their win with a goal in the 68′ minute. The final was 3-2 Ghana. South Korea heavily outshot Ghana. They also had majority of possession and set pieces. Despite this South Korea couldn’t best Ghana.


Brazil vs Switzerland

Today’s third match saw Brazil take on Switzerland. No one scored in the first half. Brazil broke the stalemate in the 83′ minute. The final was 1-0 Brazil. Brazil had the majority of the shots. Possession was pretty close. It seemed like Brazil had a few more chances. They should have netted a few more goals. In the end, Switzerland stayed in the game and put up a fight, but Brazil walked away with the win.


Portugal vs Uruguay

Today’s third match was Portugal vs Uruguay. The game was at 0-0 going into the second half. Portugal scored in the 54′ minute after coming close multiple times. They scored again in extra time to seal the deal. The final was 2-0 Portugal. Portugal was in control of this game. They started off slow in the first half but in the second half, it was all Portugal. Despite taking a lot of shots it didn’t seem like there was any real threat from Uruguay.


Brazil stays in control of Group G. Serbia is now last in Group G. Portugal still leads Group H. Uruguay is in last in Group H

The Netherlands leads Group A. England leads Group B. Poland leads Group C. France leads Group D. Spain leads Group E. Croatia leads Group F.


A lot is riding on the final matches of the group stage. Ecuador vs Senegal. A win or draw for Ecuador would put them into the elimination round. A win would get Senegal out of the group stage. If they draw and the Netherlands loses they will tie and could get out of the group stage on tiebreakers. This should be a close match with elimination round hopes on the line for both teams.

Netherlands vs Qatar. Qatar is already eliminated. With a draw or win the Netherlands will get past the group stage. If the Netherlands loses and Ecuador and Senegal draw, the Netherlands would only advance if they win the tiebreakers. This should be an easier match though for the Netherlands. I think they will win this game to advance.

Iran vs the United States. There is a lot of drama going on leading up to this match. I will talk about this match in detail in tomorrow morning’s game preview. If Iran wins or draws, they will advance to the elimination stage. If the United States wins they will advance past the elimination stage.

Wales vs England. If Wales wins they could advance on tiebreakers. If England wins or the match ends in a draw they will advance past the group stage.

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