Qatar 2022

FIFA World Cup Qatar Daily Recap | Dec. 4, 2022

Netherlands vs Unites States

The first game in the elimination stage was a round-of-16 match between the Netherlands and the United States. I talked about this game a lot. I wrote a review for it. Check that out if you have not. the final was 3-1 Netherlands. The Netherlands has advanced to the quarter-finals. The United States has been eliminated. Basically, the lack of goal-scoring caught up with the United States. They weren’t winning balls. As the game went on there was no rush to take the ball up the pitch. The Netherlands capitalized on the defensive mistakes of the United States.

United States VS Netherlands Preview | FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

United States vs Netherlands Review | FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022


Argentina vs Australia

In the other round of 16 match from yesterday, Argentina played Australia. Argentina scored the opening goal in the 57′ minute. That goal is the first goal in an elimination match during the world cup from either Lionel Messi or Christiano Renaldo. Argentina would have a 1-0 lead at halftime. They added to their lead in the 57′ minute. Australia would score in the 77′ minute. Australia got the ball after Argentina cleared it. A shot was taken from distance. It went off a defender and in. It was counted as an own goal. The final was 2-1 Argentina. Argentina was in control of this game. Argentina advanced to the quarter-finals. Australia was eliminated. Argentina will play the Netherlands in the quarter-finals.


France vs Poland

In today’s first match France played Poland. France would score in the 44′ minute to take a 1-0 lead into halftime. France would make it a 2-0 lead in the 74′ minute. They would add to their lead again in the 90+1 minute. Poland would finally score in the 90+9′ minute on a penalty kick. It was not enough though. France would win 3-1. Posession was close. Shots were close. France just got a lead and Poland couldn’t catch up. France advances to the quarter-finals. Poland is eliminated. The big story from this match is Mbappe is now the highest goalscorer in the FIFA World Cup below the age of 24 passing Pele who set the record 60 years ago.


England vs Senegal

In today’s other match England played Senegal in the round of 16. England’s first goal came in the 38′ minute. They added to that lead in the 45+3′ minute. England had a 2-0 lead going into the second half. England made it 3-0 in the 57′ minute. Senegal would not be able to find the back of the net at all. The game would end in a 3-0 England win. This game was just a dominate win by England. With that result, England has advanced to the quarter-finals. Senegal has been eliminated.


None of the group winners have been eliminated yet. The Netherlands, Argentina, England, and France have advanced to the quarter-finals. There are still four round of 16 matches that will be played in the next two days. The next four matches will determine the last two quarter-final matches.


#24 ranked Japan will play #12 ranked Croatia. Despite their ranking, Japan has been playing way better than people are giving them credit for. I wouldn’t be surprised if Japan won. Following that #1 ranked Brazil will take on #28 ranked South Korea. Brazil will be looking for a statement win after losing their final group-stage match to Cameroon. On the other hand they may continue to slide and lose to South Korea. Going along with that is the question is South Korea up for the challenge? South Korea has an 8% chance to win. That would make a Brazil loss huge. Japan are the underdogs in their match as well. Japan have been the underdogs the whole tournament so far but again I don’t think people are giving them credit for how good they really are.


The Netherlands won Group A. England won Group B. Argentina won Group C. France won Group D. Japan won Group E. Morocco won Group F. Brazil won Group G. Portugal won Group H.

The Netherlands, Senegal, England, the United States, Argentina, Poland, France, Australia, Japan, Spain, Morocco, Croatia, Brazil, Switzerland, Portugal, and South Korea have advanced to the elimination stage.

Ecuador, Qatar, Iran, Wales, Germany, Costa Rica, Belgium, Canada, Cameroon, Serbia, Uruguay, and Ghana were all eliminated in the group stage.

The United States, Australia, Poland, and Senegal were eliminated in the round of 16.

The Netherlands, Argentina, France, and England have all advanced to the quarter-finals.


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