Qatar 2022

FIFA World Cup Qatar Daily Recap | Dec. 18, 2022

Argentina vs France

Argentina played France in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Final today. Argentina beat Croatia in the semi-finals to reach the final. France beat Morocco in the semi-finals to advance to the final. This was back-to-back finals appearances for France. France was trying to defend their title as FIFA World Cup champions after they won Russia 2018. The winner of this game would be the winner of Qatar 2022. Argentina opened the scoring in the 23′ minute. They scored on a penalty. Argentina would add to their lead in the 36′ minute. At halftime the score was 2-0 Argentina. The score would stay that way until France scored on a penalty in the 80′ minute. France would tie the game one minute later. The score was tied at 2-2 after full time. In extra time Argentina would retake the lead in the 108′ minute. France would tie the game back up in the 118′ minute. After extra time the score was 3-3. Argentina would defeat France in penalties 4-2. The final score was 3-3 with Argentina winning on penalties.

Argentina outshot France 2 to 1. Possession was pretty close. Argentina was in control for the majority of the game. It looked like they were going to coast to a win. France had other plans. Argentina ultimately won but France did not make it easy. It was insane to watch Argentina lose their lead in the span of a minute. The goal in the 80′ minute completely changed the game. France had a lot of momentum. Despite tying the game twice they could never really get an advantage over Argentina. Kylian MbappĂ© carried France in this game. From what I saw a lot of the other players on France were not producing quality plays. He got a hat trick which is cool. Unfortunately the effort of one man was not enough to push France to the level they need to be playing at to win.

Argentina is now the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 champions. This is the first time Argentina has won the world cup since 1986. Lionel Messi is finally a world cup champion. France gets second place. They were not able to defend their title. The last back-to-back world cup winners will remain Brazil. They won back-to-back titles in 1958 and 1962. This is also Lionel Messi last world cup match. By the time the next world cup rolls around in 2026 he will be 39 years old. Just because he will not be on the pitch does not mean he won’t be helping Argentina as a coach or in the front office.


Argentina has won it all.


The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is now over. The FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia/New Zealand 2023 will start in June. Following that is the soccer tournament at the Olympics in France in 2024. The next FIFA World Cup will be in 2026. That will be held in North America.


The Netherlands won Group A. England won Group B. Argentina won Group C. France won Group D. Japan won Group E. Morocco won Group F. Brazil won Group G. Portugal won Group H.

The Netherlands, Senegal, England, the United States, Argentina, Poland, France, Australia, Japan, Spain, Morocco, Croatia, Brazil, Switzerland, Portugal, and South Korea have advanced to the elimination stage.

Ecuador, Qatar, Iran, Wales, Germany, Costa Rica, Belgium, Canada, Cameroon, Serbia, Uruguay, and Ghana were all eliminated in the group stage.

The United States, Australia, Poland, Senegal, Japan, South Korea, Spain, and Switzerland were eliminated in the round of 16.

The Netherlands, Brazil have been eliminated in the quarter-finals.

Morocco was eliminated in the third-place game.

Croatia won the third-place game.

France was eliminated in the final giving them second place.

Argentina is the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Champions.


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