Update: Limited Edition Scarf

I tried to start this soccer season with a fundraiser to help me continue to produce content for YouTube. Last year I tried to do t-shirts. That didn’t work for several reasons. This year I tried to do scarfs. I tried to generate interest with pre-orders. I lowered the price to generate more pre-orders. Overall it was doing ok. It wasn’t doing as well as the hockey jerseys I did for Reno pond hockey. I was however determined to make it happen.

Soccer season came to a stop as soon as it started. There are no definitive dates when sports will come back. I don’t even know if we will have a soccer season in 2020. There are also no dates for when people will get back to work. Due to these and other circumstances surrounding COVID-19, I will no longer be selling my limited-edition scarf.

I am working on revamping my clothing brand. I hope to have it launched before 2021. The revamped brand should include merchandise for all three of my YouTube brands (Zac Electrifly, Zac Plays soccer, Zac Plays hockey) Reno 1868 FC supporter’s groups (the Battle Born Brigade, the Douglas Alley Renegades) and Reno Pond Hockey. The revamp will include lower prices than seen in the past. The revamp might also include subscription boxes.

I want to thank everyone for their support. Thanks for reading this. If you supported the limited-edition scarf, thank you. If you support what I do thank you.

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