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In Person Sports To Return To Nevada

The governor of Nevada, (D) Steve Sisiolak announced changes to capacities for gatherings in Nevada.


“A sports arena, for instance, that can hold 10,000 people would be allowed to welcome 1,000 people, but the attendees would need to be divided into at least four sections of no more than 250 people.”

Nevada Independent – September 29, 2020

The 50 person maximum on gatherings has been lifted. Not completely but at least its something. This can be seen as good news for all sports teams in Nevada. From the Vegas Golden Knights to Reno 1868 FC.

What does this mean for Greater Nevada Field? It means fans will be able to see Reno 1868 FC in action again from inside of the stadium. The cap limit for stadiums like Greater Nevada Field will be able to have around 1,000 people at events. I figure 100 or so of that number will go to staff, players, and media. I think 900 of that number will be reserved for fans. Last year Reno 1868 FC averaged around roughly 3,000 fans per game. That means that about a third of fans can come to games. Some of the stadium might be roped off as well. Greater Nevada Field might operate with limited staff. They might not have enough staff to properly run the entire ballpark. Things like entire sections of the stadium, concession stands, the team shop and standing room areas might be closed to fans. Some of the wording in the announcement also made it seem like there will be restrictions on standing room. Meaning that fans might not be able to watch games while standing on the concourse. This may also effect the supporters groups. If fans aren’t allowed to stand then that will change how the Battle Born Brigade and the Douglas Alley Renagades operate during a game. It may also mean that the Douglas Alley Renagades may be moved from the bull pin to a section in the stands.

Fans will not be in attendance for tomorrows Silver State Cup match between Reno 1868 FC and Las Vegas Lights FC. According to Eric Edelstein (President at Greater Nevada Field) “we still have to get our already written plan approved by the proper authorities”. Meaning that Greater Nevada Field is not yet approved to have fans. I don’t think there is enough time if the ballparks plan does get approved before the match to have the ballpark ready to accept fans. I think the ballpark is on track right now to start having fans for the USL Championship playoffs.


Will fans show up? It’s difficult to say. Reno 1868 FC didn’t get a lot of fans to come out last season compeered to the most of the league. I don’t think there is more then 500 season ticket holders for Reno 1868 FC. At one point it was rumored that only season ticket holders would be allowed in. I don’t know if that is going to happen. Attendance of fans watching from outside of the stadium has been inconsistent. some games there was less then 10 people. Other games there has be close to thirty plus people. I still know a lot of people who still wont leave their house. It think at this point they need to open it up as if they will be at max capacity. Then adjust for future games. If not enough fans come the ballpark might close it’s doors to the public. I think that’s a stretch but is a possibility.




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