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Reno 1868 FC Approved For 700 Fans

Reno 1868 FC just confirmed that 700 fans will be in attendance for Saturdays match.


“…Our re-opening plans have been approved…”

Reno 1868 FC Ticket Office -October 14, 2020

This has not been announced on social media yet as me writing this. The news was announced via an email sent to season ticket holders who requested tickets for Saturdays match. All of the same restrictions and policy’s will be in place like the last match. There will be some differences as a result of a larger crowd. Stay tuned as I will be making updates on this developing story as more is announced.


Update One: Reno 1868 FC made the announcement on social media as I was publishing this post.

Update Two: Nevada Sports Net wrote an article following the teams announcement.

Update Three: Reno 1868 FC’s general manager had this to say:

“Here to do it the right way….and look to put on a show on the field for our fans as well!”

Doug Raftery | Reno 1868 FC general manager – October 14, 2020

Update Four: The president of Greater Nevada Field gave further insight into what to expect for Saturday’s match.



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