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December Update

We made it to December 2020. It’s been the wildest ride to get here. I know I haven’t done an update blog in a while. I thought I’d do an update post because some crazy stuff happened last month and I think my followers need to know what’s going on. I am doing a 25 days of Christmas thing right now where I post pics/vids recapping 2020. You can catch that on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There is more info about that here.



New Social Graphics

I just updated my social media logos and banners. Below is what they look like. Let me know what you think.



Future Direction Of My Content

As I am sure everyone is aware at this point, Reno 1868 FC has folded. Reno 1868 FC-related content has made up the majority of the content (videos/podcast/blogs) I have made since 2018. This year showed a lot of growth as well. Just during the shortened season that we got for 2020, almost six thousand people visited my website. I think that might have been greater if fans were allowed in the stands sooner. I think that if it was a normal season it would have been three or four ties that. That’s just my website, not the thousands of views I got with the All For Our City videos. Those videos did struggle and I do blame fans not in the stands for that one. I’m not complaining. What happened is just what happened. The team folded. So, I am losing all of that. In losing that I think I am losing sixty to eighty percent of my fan base.

Moving forward will be difficult. Moving forward is just a part of life though. What losing Reno 1868 FC means for my content is that I need to find a new direction to move in. This is something that I have been thinking about a lot lately. Soccer content won’t be going away. It’s just pretty much going to be video game or concept content until I can get on a soccer team again. Reno is getting a new year-round ice rink. With that comes more hockey content. I think hockey content will end up filling a lot of the gaps currently left by Reno 1868 FC folding.

Until hockey is in full swing I am still doing the MLS concept series. I have other concept series planned for the NASL, CONCACAF, hockey, and the NCAA. I will also be doing a lot more on Twitch. I want to get to the point where I am consistently streaming on Twitch. It will be mostly NHL and FIFA. I do plan on streaming other games like Call Of Duty and Minecraft. I’ll probably end up streaming Monday, Wednesday, Friday with follow up videos on YouTube. My steaming schedule will have to be flexible at this point.  I won’t be able to stream every Monday, Wednesday, Friday but I will try to stream at least once a week for two hours. I don’t have everything set up for what I want to do yet but it should be more concrete by January.



Future Soccer Team Update

Here is what has been going on regarding getting a new soccer team for Reno. I put out a blog post about it. A lot of people showed interest in getting a team back for Reno. Interest has since slowed down. Interest hasn’t yet turned into committed investors. The Douglas Alley Renegades held a meeting about it. I made my pitch but nothing was solved in the meeting. The overall consensus in the meeting was that they wanted to do more research and contact some fan-owned clubs before moving forward. Following that meeting, I have talked to a few potential investors but I have not been able to get anyone to commit to being in an ownership group yet. The reasons I have seen so far that no one has committed to invest yet is they don’t want to invest with me (because of prejudice due to my age or my current financial standing) or the price to invest. For most people, even $250 to $500 is too pricy and I am asking for $1,000 to join the ownership group I am creating. It’s moving at a really slow pace. The pace is only slightly slower than what I thought it would be. I thought I would have two or three investors by now but I only have a few potential investors with only myself committed.



New Zac Electrifly Shop

I am working on relaunching the Zac Electrifly shop. I hope to have it up by February. Relaunching my shop will help me be able to continue to make content, allow me to get better equipment, and help me reach my goal of making content as a full-time job. This incarnation of the shop will be a Shopify print on demand shop. All the products in the shop will be made after they are ordered. In the shop will merchandise for Zac Electrifly, Zac Plays soccer, Zac Plays hockey, Reno, Reno Pond Hockey, and the St Louis Lazer snakes. More related information on this will be released as I get closer to launching the shop.



Mental Health

The last thing I want to talk about is mental health. Mental health should be important to everyone. When Reno 1868 FC announced that they were folding, I didn’t spend too much time thinking about it. My mind went straight to how do we get a new team. Days later while I was working on some stuff it hit me like a brick. Spending years working on Reno 1868 FC related content, pouring in all of my passion, and creativity into what I did, just for it to be gone in one day. The fact that Reno 1868 FC isn’t coming back next year, hit me hard for a few days. Things like I may never see some of the friends I made through soccer ever again or on top of everything else to happen this year now Reno 1868 FC is gone. It was tough. It could have been tougher. In some ways, I did see it coming, but that didn’t make it any easier. I coped with a lot of it by going on killing sprees in Red Dead Redemption 2. That’s probably not the healthiest way to deal with what was going on but it helped me get my mind off it. It helped get some of my frustration out without hurting anyone else. It still hurts but a lot less. The pain will probably never go away. In my experience things like this hurt less and less as time goes on.



Thanks for reading this. I appreciate it. If you have any thoughts or things you want to say about anything I talked about in this blog please let me know with a comment or a message.


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  1. so right now certain things that can’t be made public right now are in motion, we have various interested parties but everything is Covid contingent. Realistically it will be after the holidays until we can assess where we are and if these people are on board.
    Obviously if not the real issues are can we get around $125,000 to put a new team in a 4th tier amateur league for 2022. It’s really not going to happen in 2021 at least as far as we can see. We need a stadium be it a school or other set up that can be classed as soccer specific, enough volunteers and staff that will roll up their sleeves and get this thing rolling, plus a coach and licensed trainer etc.
    Things will become more clearer in the next couple of months until then keep the faith, soccer will return to Reno soon.


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