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The Colorado Avalanche Have Won The Stanley Cup

Last night the Colorado Avalanche won the Stanley Cup. The Tampa Bay Lightning beat the New York Rangers to win the Eastern Conference and advance to the Stanley Cup Final. The Colorado Avalanche beat the Edmonton Oilers to win the Western Conference and advance to the Stanley Cup Final. Colorado won game one 4-3 in overtime. Colorado blew out Tampa Bay 7-0 in game two. The Lightning would win game three 6-2. Colorado would win game four 3-2 in overtime. Tampa Bay would win game five 3-2. Colorado led the series 3-2 going into game six.


Tampa Bay scored first to start game six. They took a 1-0 lead after the first period. Colorado would score twice in the second period to take the lead. No one scored in the third. The final score was 2-1 Colorado win. The Colorado avalanche won game six and the series. They won the Stanley Cup in six games.


No body wanted Tampa to win. Colorado has been a force in the western conference for a few years now. Tampa Bay has been a powerhouse in the NHL for a while now. For the past few years they were always in the conversation to win a cup. They did just win back to back cups. I think most people just wanted Colorado to win so that Tampa didn’t win three in a row. At the end of the day it was always Tampas cup to lose. They weren’t able to hang on to the 1-0 lead to force game seven. In at least one game they weren’t even competitive. I think Tampa and Colorado could be strong forces next season but I think the time has come for Tampa. Moving forward I don’t think they will be able to retain their success. For the next couple of years I don’t think they will be as good as they were from 2019 to 2021.


Here is the final bracket:


So up next is the off season. The NHL already handed out their awards. Some Hockey Hall of Fame news was announced today. The draft is going to happen. Then we wait for next season. It is going to be a long wait.


The last thing I want to talk about is that the Colorado Avalanche broke the cup. It happens. It’s a million dollar mistake but it happens. It isn’t the craziest thing to happen to the cup. It’s been dropped in pools. Left in Taxis. It’s even had hot dogs in it. The Avalanche will party for a month then it’s back to work. Colorado will part for the whole next year. The cup is now Colorados to lose. Will they be able to defend it? 31 other teams want it. They will try to take it from them. The only thing on anyones minds right now is that Colorado won it and Tampa Bay didn’t.

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