2022 AHL Concept

AHL Canada Classic Outdoor Game | AHL Concept Part Two

The American Hockey League season starts today. In my concept, the AHL season would start with a Canadian outdoor game. That game is called the Canada Classic. For the 2022-23 season the Belleville Senators take on the Toronto Marlies in the Canada Classic to start the season. The game would take place at Rogers Centre in Toronto which is home to the Toronto Blue Jays of the MLB. The 53,000 seat venue is the perfect place to start the season.


The idea behind this game is that it is an annual outdoor game in Canada between two Canadian teams that is the first game of the AHL season. The logo is a stylized maple leaf with the event name, location, and AHL logo. There isn’t a lot to talk about. It’s a simple design. It is inspired by the NHL Heritage Classic.


I made a couple of other logos to go along with the main logo. One drops Toronto. The other is the maple leaf itself.


Both of the jerseys are inspired by Canadian hockey jerseys. The Belleville Senators jersey is red, black, and white. It is inspired by the Canadian jersey from 1961. On the front is a custom logo for this event. That logo is the city name over a golden outline of a maple leaf. On their left shoulder is their primary logo. The Toronto Marlies jersey is white and blue. It is inspired by the Canadian jersey they wore in the 1972 summit series. It is the 50th anniversary of that series to it is only fitting that they wear this jersey.


I did create a design for the rink. It is inspired by old Toronto Maple Leafs center ice designs.



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