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Kits Ranked | FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

I’m back with more about kits. I have ranked all of the kits for Qatar 2022. I put them all into a tier list like I did with my last Qatar 2022 post. I did talk about all of the Qatar 2022 kits in my last kits post. In that post I talked about the kits for each team. The kit rankings are just what I think. It’s about my style and preference. It’s my opinion and I have a right to it. I also ranked the teams and brands based on my kit rankings. I hope you enjoy.


Here are the kits. This graphic does not have any of the third jerseys. Any jerseys that are missing can be seen in my last post on the Qatar 2022 kits. I wanted to show this graphic as a recap of most of the kits so they are fresh in your mind as I rank them.


My top kit is the German white kit. The worst kit is all of the Cameroon kits. The S-tier kits are the best. The A-tier kits a great. The B-tier kits are good. The C-tier kits are average. The F-tier kits are bad. the Trash tier kits are (you guessed it) straight trash.

S-Tier – Croatia Blue kit, Ecuador blue kit, Japan white kit, Germany white kit, Mexico green kit, Mexico white kit, Germany red kit, Croatia white kit, Japan blue kit

A-Tier – Argentina blue kit (it has flames!!!!), Portugal white kit, Brazil blue kit, Belgium white kit, Argentia white kit, Spain blue kit, Senegal white kit, England white kit, Wales red kit

B-Tier – Portugal red kit, Ecuador yellow kit, Serbia white kit, Serbia red kit, Poland red kit, Brazil yellow kit, Australia yellow kit, Wales white kit, Korea red kit

C-Tier – Belgium red kit (has flames yay, but not as good as Argentina with flames), Morocco white kit, France blue kit, Uruguay blue kit, United States blue kit, England red kit, Spain red kit, Costa Rica white kit, Costa Rica red kit, Tunisia red kit, Denmark red kit, Denmark black kit, Ecuador white kit, Saudi Arabia green kit, Korea black kit, Ghana white kit

F-tier – Senegal green kit, Ghana red kit, Netherlands blue kit, Switzerland red kit, Morocco red kit, Uruguay white kit, United States white kit, Canada red kit, Tunisia white kit, Iran white kit, Iran Red kit, Australia blue kit

Trash – Canada white kit, France white kit, Netherlands yellow kit, all three Cameroon kits. Saudi Arabia white kit, Qatar red kit, Qatar white kit, Poland white kit, Denmark white kit


The club with the top kits is probably Mexico. The club with the worst kits is Cameroon. Qatar’s kits are also very disappointing as they are the hosts but couldn’t come up with anything good. All of the clubs in the Don’t Deserve Qualification should have done way better. Unfortunately most of the teams have average or terrible kits. A lot of teams have one good kit and one bad kit. A lot of the bad kits have good ideas that could have been expanded on to make great kits. This is the world stage. Teams should be bringing their best to the table. Unfortunately some are not. Those that do bring their best do it so well but those who don’t bring there best look like clowns.


Adidas has the best kits this year hands down. Nike is probably the biggest disappointment. One All Sports made the worst kits for this cup. Marathon only has one team. They do it so well though. Their three kits for one team are better than the majority of the kits Nike put out. Nike had a good idea and teams like Croatia (blue kit), Brazil (white kit), and England (white kit) executed it very well. Unfortunately most of the Nike kits do not match that same level of design. Puma fell short on their execution as well but I don’t think they had a strong idea to begin with. Nike, Puma, and Adidas are expected to make great kits. Nike not making great kits this year is the biggest disappointment for the kits in this tournament.


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