Qatar 2022

FIFA World Cup Qatar Daily Recap | Nov. 21, 2022

Qatar vs Ecuador

This match happened yesterday. It was the opening match of the tournament. The host nation Qatar played Ecuador. Ecuador was the favorite in this match. Ecuador scored the open goal of the World Cup in the 16′ minute. The goal was scored on a penalty kick. Ecuador would add to their score in the 31′ minute. They would hold on to win 2-0. It was the first time in world cup history that the host nation lost the opening match. It is also the first time in world cup history where the host nation didn’t score in their opening match.


England vs Iran

England played Iran for the first game today. England destroyed Iran in this game. Iran could do nothing to stop them. It took England a while to get on the score sheet. When they did they didn’t stop. They had a 3-0 lead at halftime. They didn’t let up in the second half. They scored another three goals in the second half. The final was 6-2 England. No was surprised by this result. England had almost 80% of the possession. It’s amazing that Iran was able to even score.


Senegal vs Netherlands

Today’s second match was a Group A matchup between Senegal and the Netherlands. While the Netherlands had more control of the ball, the game was pretty even. The Netherlands didn’t even score until late in the game. They opened up the score in the 84′ minute. The match was pretty much over at that point. They put the nail in the coffin when they score in the 90+9′ minute. The game ended in a 2-0 Netherlands victory. Senegal had more shots. The Netherlands stood strong. They were patient and were rewarded later in the game.


United States vs Wales

In today’s last match the United States played Wale. I talked a lot about this in both a game preview and a game review. In this game, the United States had a pretty dominant first half. That turned into the United States taking a 1-0 lead into halftime. Late in the game wales tied it on a penalty kick. The final was a 1-1 draw. The officiating was poor and inconsistent on both sides of the ball. The game was entertaining and fairly even otherwise. The USA should have won but we have to move forward. On a positive note the United States has always advanced to the elimination stage when they win or draw their first match. The only thing standing in the United States way of advancing now is Iran.

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For the standings, most teams have not played yet. The Netherlands leads Group A. England leads Group B. That’s it. Qatar and Iran sit at the bottom of their groups. I think it will be hard for them to move up in the standings.


All eyes will be on Argentina as they take on Saudi Arabia. All eyes are on Messi. Will he finally win a World Cup? Denmark shouldn’t have too hard of a time defeating Tunisia. Will Tunisia upset Denmark? Mexico vs Poland should be a good one. France might do to Australia what England did to Iran.

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