Qatar 2022

United States VS England Preview | FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Game Info:

United States VS England

Game #: Group stage game two | Group B match four

Date: November 25, 2022

Time: 11:00am (PST)

Location: Al Bayt Stadium

This is the second game of the tournament for both teams. The United States drew Wales in their first match of the tournament. That game ended in a 1-1 draw. England has only missed out on the world cup three times since 1950. They won in 1966 when they hosted the tournament. In Russia 2018 they came in 4th place. England played Iran in their first match of the tournament. That game ended in a 6-2 England win.

The all-time record between the United States and England is 2-1-8. They have played 11 times since 1950. They have only played twice in the world cup. Their world cup record is 1-0-1. Their last world cup match in 2010 ended in a 1-1 draw. These two teams last met in 2018. That game ended in a 0-3 England win.


The United States has played one match. That match ended in a draw. They scored one goal in that game. They allowed one goal in that game. They have a single point.

The United States has 1.00 goals per game. They have 1.00 goals against per game. They have a 0 goal differential.

United States10011101

England has played one match. They won that match. They have scored six goals. They have allowed two goals. They have three points.

England has 6.00 goals per game. They have 2.00 goals against per game. They have a goal differential of 4.

England 11006243

The United States is ranked 16th. England is ranked 5th. The United States has been in eleven world cups. England has been to fourteen. Both teams have only missed one world cup since 1990. The United States record in the world cup is 8-7-19. The highest they have placed is in the semifinals. They have made it out of the group stage 6 of 10 times. They have made it to the round of 16 in the last two world cups they were in (South Africa 2010 and Brazil 2014). They last world cup win was a 2-1 win over Ghana on June, 16, 2014. Englands record at the world cup is 29-21-19. England won the final in 1966. They have made it out of the group stage 12 of 15 times. In Russia 2018 they had a record of 3-1-3 and came in 4th place. Englands last world cup win was earlier this week when they beat Iran.

2022 stats (not including world cup)

United States12534188+1019
Goals Per Game
United States1.5
Goals Against Per Game
United States0.66

Matches Played: United States

Record: United States

Goal Differential: United States

World Cup Stats

United States10011101
Goals Per Game
United States1.00
Goals Against Per Game
United States1.00

Matches Played: Tie

Record: England

Goal Differential: England


This has the potential to be the most-watched match in the USA for the world cup. The build-up has been crazy. The hype is real. This is all United States soccer fans have been talking about for months. Why is this match such a big deal? In the United States soccer culture, England is seen at the top of the sport. The top American players play there. A lot of young American soccer players want to go there. This is amplified by the English Premier League. Some of the English Premier League teams are owned by Americans. Some of the Major League Soccer clubs are owned by the British. New York City Football Club is owned by Manchester City. Players on NYCFC are actively trying to play for Manchester City. The English Premier League is also promoted in the United States just as Much as Major League Soccer is. Anyway the point here is that in the USA, soccer fans look up to England. At the same time England (like most of the world) looks down on United States soccer. For a long time Americans have not cared. They still do not compared to other sports but the game is growing. The United States were also not good for a long time in comparison to like the Dream Team. United States soccer has struggled to find its footing on and off the pitch until around 2012. Then it blew up. Now the United States wants to prove itself. They want to prove themselves on the world stage. In front of everyone. Proving themselves to those who look down upon them. Proving themselves to who they see as the top.

The United States comes into this match hungry for the win they didn’t get in their first match. This match means a lot. This is equal to them playing in the final. The emotion. The pressure. England will want to play with control. The United States will probably plan to rely heavily on the counter. The United States is going to have to take chances. They are going to have to take risks. England are the favorites. United States are the underdogs. Being underdogs with a lot of pressure is the United States have shinned before. There have been bigger upsets in this tournament already. Hopefully it is our turn.

If the United States win they will secure their place in the round of 16. If they lose or draw it will come down to their match with Iran. If England wins or draws they will secure their spot in the round of 16. If England loses it will come down to their game with Wales.

Prediction: 6-0 USA win (wishful thinking)

  • Game two
  • Second game for both teams
  • USA are underdogs
  • England is favored to win
  • A lot of pressure
  • Consistency for the USA will be a factor
  • The counter will be huge in this game
  • Outwork
  • Win 50/50 balls
  • Win open balls
  • Show the world

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