Qatar 2022

FIFA World Cup Qatar Daily Recap | Nov. 25, 2022

Wales vs Iran

The first match today was Wales vs Iran. This should have been an easy win for Wales. This game was tied until extra time. Wales got a red card in the 86′ minute. The goal keeper was the one who got the red card. Theta meant that not only did Wales go down to ten men but they also had to substitute their keeper late in the game. This completely changed the game as they headed towards extra time. Iran would score two in the extra time. The final score was 2-0 Iran. Big win for Iran. Things aren’t looking good for Wales moving forward. The red card was the big difference in this one.


Qatar vs Senegal

Qatar played Senegal in the second match today. Senegal opened the scoring in the 41′ minute. They added to their lead early in the second half. Qatar cut the lead down in the 78′ minute. Senegal would add one more to their lead after that. The final was 3-1 Senegal. This score isn’t surprising. The shots were close. The possession was close. Senegal just found a way to win.


Netherland vs Ecuador

The Netherlands played Ecuador in the third match of the day. The Netherlands scored the game’s opening goal in the 6′ minute. They took a 1-0 lead into the second half. In the 49′ minute, Ecuador tied the game. The final was a 1-1 draw. I thought this would be an easy victory for the Netherlands. Ecuador kept itself in the game to get a positive result. Ecuador massively outshot the Netherlands. Possession was pretty close.


United States vs England

The last game today was the United States vs England. I did a whole review of the game earlier today. If you did not see that go check it out. The game ended in a 0-0 draw. Neither team really got an edge in the game. Both teams played like they were waiting for the other team to make a mistake.

United States vs England Review | FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022


The Netherlands retained its lead in Group A. England retained its lead in Group B. Wales is now at the bottom of Group B. Saudi Arabia leads Group C. France leads Group D. Spain leads Group E. Belgium leads Group F. Brazil leads Group G. Portugal leads Group H.


Tunisia plays Australia. Poland plays Saudi Arabia. France plays Denmark. Argentina plays Mexico.

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