Qatar 2022

United States VS Iran Preview | FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Game Info:

United States VS Iran

Game #: Group stage game three | Last game of the group stage

Date: November 29, 2022

Time: 11:00am (PST)

Location: Al Thumama Stadium

It’s the last game of the group stage for both teams. The United States will be fighting to get out of the group stage. The United States played England in their last match. It ended in a 0-0 draw. Iran has missed the world cup four times since 1990. Iran has never made it out of the group stage. In Russia 2018 they came in 3rd place in Group B. Iran played Wales in their last match of the world cup. That match ended in a 2-0 Iran win. Iran only won because Wales got a red card at the end of match and both goals came in extra time.

The all-time record between the United States and Iran is 0-1-1. They only played each other in 1998 and 2000. Their last match happened so long ago that people born after that match could be playing in Qatar in 2022.


The United States has played two matches. Their record is 0-0-2. They scored one goal. They’ve allowed one goal. They have two points.

The United States has 0.50 goals per game. They have 0.50 goals against per game. They have a 0 goal differential.

United States20021102

Iran has played two matches. Their record is 1-1-0. They have scored four goals. They have allowed six goals. They have three points.

Iran has 2.00 goals per game. They have 3.00 goals against per game. They have a goal differential of -2.

Iran 211046-23

The United States is ranked 16th. Iran is ranked 20th. The United States has been in eleven world cups. Iran has been in six world cups. The United States’ record in the world cup is 8-7-19. The highest they have placed is in the semifinals. They have made it out of the group stage 6 of 11 times. Iran’s record at the world cup is 8-19-7. Iran has never made it out of the group stage. Irans last world cup win was earlier in Qatar 2022 when they beat Wales.

2022 stats (not including world cup)

United States12534188+1019
Goals Per Game
United States1.5
Goals Against Per Game
United States0.66

Matches Played: United States

Record: United States

Goal Differential: United States

World Cup Stats

United States20021102
Goals Per Game
United States0.5
Goals Against Per Game
United States0.5

Matches Played: Tie

Record: Iran

Goal Differential: United States


This is a big game for the United States. Leading up to this match Iran called for the United States to be kicked out after modifying the Iran flag on US Soccer social media. The reason the US Soccer did that is to show support for the women in Iran who are protesting and looking for better treatment. That of course made Iran mad. This is another thing that shows how crazy this world cup has become. This match already had a political background before everything on social media as the United States and Iran are not exactly on friendly terms. Not playing a match since 2000 should be evidence of that. The social media stuff only elevates the politics of the match and the world cup. Both teams have turned this into two countries with opposing ideologies playing on the world stage. It seems like the United States does that a lot.

The United States did well against England, but could not hold their lead on wales. If the United States plays how they did against England, I think they could dominate this match. The one thing the United States has not done is score a lot of goals. The reason for that is that they have not been taking very many shots or generating solid scoring chances. Moments of really good play have been their. They just need to let the dogs out. There is a lot of pressure. As we saw in the match against England they can play with the pressure. I would like to see the United States score early and not let off the gas.

The United States has to win to advance to the elimination stage. A loss or draw and they will be out. The England vs Wales game will be played at the same time. This is to help avoid any match-fixing by the teams. Of course, FIFA never fixes matches themselves.

Prediction: 2-0 USA win

  • Game three
  • Last game of the group stage
  • USA are favored to win
  • Iran are the underdogs
  • A lot of pressure
  • A lot of politics
  • Scoring will be a factor for the USA
  • The counter will be huge in this game
  • Outwork
  • Win 50/50 balls
  • Win open balls
  • Show the world

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