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Reno Ice Adult League Power Rankings Fall Week 2

The first week of action in the Reno Ice Adult League Fall 2022 season is done. Some teams have played once. Some teams have played twice. Some teams have not played at all yet. The power rankings for this week are not too different from what they were in my season preview. It’s hard to get accurate power rankings when some of the teams haven’t played yet. That being said let’s get into it.


In A-League almost every team moved around. RT Janitorial got the bump up after their win. The Mustangs got bumped down after their loss. Whisky Dekes win bumped them up. BWD Tooth Fairies sent them to last in the power rankings.


In C-League a lot of teams swapped places. Black Ox, Slappy Gilmores, and Murder Hornets didn’t move. Desert Dogs went up one spot after a win and a loss. Blue Moon went down one even though they did get a win. United Skates, Lagers, Q&D Constructions, and Reno Fire Hosers all lost their games this week. They all moved based on the scores of those games.


Nothing has changed in E-League. Some of the teams have not played yet. Outcomes and scorelines reflected that teams that did play should stay where they were. One of the games was not reported on the league website. I looked into it using LiveBarn. One of the E-League games this week was not completed. I don’t know the reasoning behind this. I don’t know what the league is doing about it. What I saw was one of the goalies was bumped after a faceoff. The contact was minimal. The player barely touched the goalie. The goalie went down but play continued for a few minutes. The goalie stayed down. It looked like no one on either bench or the officials saw the goalie was down. They blew the play dead. The goalie eventually got up. When he did he looked fine. I don’t know if their was any other health issues going on. Play had stopped for a while after that. The goalie did charge at a player but stopped. In the video it looks like there was a lot of chirping going on. Emotions were high and people were yelling at each other. After quite a while, it looks like the officials called the game with about 11 minutes remaining in the third period. I don’t know why the game was on hold for several minutes. Nor do I know why the game did not resume. I also do not have any insight at the moment into what the league did or is doing about this situation. I hope everyone is ok. I hope the rest of the season will be smooth.



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