reno pond hockey

Reno Pond Hockey RIAL Winter 2022/23 Schedule

Winter is coming. After D-League took a brake for the RIAL Fall 2022 season we are back. Reno Pond Hockey and all of D-League will be in force for the Reno Ice Adult League 2022/23 Winter season. The season will start immediately after the RIAL Fall 2022 Playoffs. The RIAL Fall 2022 Championships are on Sunday December 4th. The new season starts on December 5th. Reno Pond Hockey will be playing from December to March.


Like the RIAL Summer 2022 season, there will be six teams in D-League. Reno Pond Hockey will have a ten-game regular season. Reno Pond Hockey will not open the season immediately. The first game for Reno Pond Hockey will be on Wednesday, December 14th at 10:45. That game will be against Jurassic Pucks. Reno Pond Hockey has two games in December, three games in January, four games in February, and one game in March. The earliest start time is 9:00pm. The latest start time is 10:45pm.

Notable games

Dec. 14 – Reno Pond Hockey vs Jurassic Pucks (season opener)

Jan. 6 – Reno Pond Hockey at The Guardians (rivalry game)

Jan. 11 – Reno Pond Hockey vs Mid-Ice Crisis (playoff semifinal rematch)

Feb. 13 – Reno Pond Hockey vs The Guardians (rivalry game)

Mar. 1 – Reno Pond Hockey at Mid-Ice Crisis (last game of season/playoff semifinal rematch)



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