2022 AHL Concept

Hockeytown Winterfest | AHL Concept Part Eight

For my next AHL concept, I present the Hockeytown Winterfest. In this concept, the Detroit Red Wings host the annual Hockeytown Winterfest in Detroit. It is a winter festival focused on hockey. Hockeytown Winterfest is in a different part of Detroit every year. As part of the event there is an outdoor hockey rink. The event has an outdoor hockey game on new years eve. The outdoor game is an AHL game with the Red Wings affiliate. The event finishes with a Red Wings game on new years eve. In this concept it has always been the Grand Rapids Griffins and another AHL team. For new years eve 2022 the Grand Rapids Griffins take on the Milwaukee Admirals at Ford Field.


The logo is based on the Red Wings logo. It has the tire rim from the Detroit logo and it is designed to look like a snowflake. Then it has the event name. This would be the logo for Hockeytown Winterfest and is not exclusive to this game. Ford Field would be themed around this logo.


For the jerseys, I took inspiration from the NFL. The Grand Rapids Griffins jersey is inspired by the Detroit Lions jersey. It is red, black, and white. On the sleeves are GRG which is the team abbreviation. The Milwaukee Admirals jersey is inspired by the Greenbay Packers jersey. It is white, navy, and light blue. I thought it would be fitting playing at an NFL stadium to have uniforms inspired by their nearest NFL teams.


Ford Field would host the 2022 Hockeytown Winterfest. Ford Field is the home of the Detroit Lions. It has hosted hockey in the past. It holds 68,000 people.



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