2022 AHL Concept

Bridgeport Islanders | AHL Concept Part Six

Next up in my American Hockey League concept series is the Bridgeport Islanders. They are the primary affiliate of the New York Islanders. They play in the 8,412-seat Total Mortgage Arena. Bridgeport Connecticut has a population of 148,654. They entered the AHL in 2001 as the Bridgeport Sound Tigers. In 2021 they changed their name to the Bridgeport Islanders.

For this concept, the Bridgeport Islanders play in the AHL’s World Division in the Eastern Conference. The other teams in the World Division are the Chicago Wolves, the Cleveland Monsters, the Hartford Wolf Pack, the Hershey Bears, The Lehigh Valley Phantoms, the Utica Comets, and the Wilks-Barre/Scranton Penguins.

Also in this concept, the Bridgeport Islanders will play the Lehigh Valley Phantoms in the AHL Stadium Series.


The Bridgeport Islanders have two logos. It’s a B with a hockey stick and the team name with a circle in the background. The difference between these two logos is one has a blue outline and one has a white outline. In addition to the two official team logos, I created a logo for their City jersey and recolored the logo for their Affiliate Remix jersey.


The Home jersey is blue, orange, and white. It has the logo with the white outline on the font. On the collar, it has the team name. The Away jersey is white, blue, and orange. It has the same pattern as the home jersey. It has the logo with the blue outline on the front. On the collar is the team name. Neither jersey has shoulder logos.

The Alternate jersey is blue, white, and orange. It is inspired by the New York Islanders fisherman jerseys. On the front is the logo with the white outline. On the Collar is the team name. It does not have any shoulder logos.

The Retro jersey is inspired by Bridgeport Sound Tigers. It is in the Sound Tigers original colors. They wore this jersey around 2003. On the collar, it has 2001 for the year the Sound Tigers enter the AHL.

The City jersey is blue, yellow, and silver. It is based on the Connecticut flag. The logo on the jersey is a mash-up of the Bridgeport Islanders logo and the crest from the flag. On the collar is 1780 for when Connecticut entered the United States. The jersey itself is inspired by the Brooklyn Americans.

The Affiliate Remix jersey is black and white. It is the New York Islanders home/away jersey in black and white. Being black and white is inspired by the New York Islanders third jersey they wore while they played in Brooklyn. On the front is a recolor of the Bridgeport Islanders logo. On the collar it says Isles. On the shoulder is the New York Islanders primary logo in black in white.

The Bridgeport Islanders have six Heritage jerseys. The New Haven Nighthawks (1972-73 ), the Springfield Indians (1984-90), the Capital District Islanders (1990-93), the Salt Lake Golden Eagles (1993-94), the Lowell Lock Monsters (1998-2001), and the Bridgeport Sound Tigers (2001-21). The Heritage jerseys are inspired by the New York Islanders former primary affiliates.



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