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Group C | Qatar 2022 Ice Hockey Concept

I’m here with Group C concepts for Qatar 2022. In my last post, I showed off my concepts for Group B. I have already talked about the event itself, Group A, and Group B. Argentina, Mexico, Poland, and Saudi Arabia, make up Group C. Argentina are unranked by the IIHF. There hockey culture seems to be centered around their national team with no professional program. Mexico is ranked 35th by the IIHF. The Mexican Elite Hockey League is their semi-pro league. Poland is ranked 22nd by the IIHF. Their pro league is the Polska Hokej Liga. Saudi Arabia is not a member of the IIHF. They do not have a pro league.

In this concept, the idea is that most countries would have hockey match their already existing soccer system if hockey is not already established in their county.



Group C is Argentina, Mexico, Poland, and Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is the only non-IIHF team in this group. Argentina, Mexico, and Poland would keep their current hockey systems. Saudi Arabia would have a hockey system modeled after the football league system in Saudi Arabia.


Argentina is sponsored by Adidas. Their colors are blue white gold and purple. I didn’t modify their logo. I recolored the logo for the purple jersey. They have a white and a purple jersey. The white jersey is fairly basic with just three stripes. The purple jersey has a flame pattern on it. I did my best to match the pattern from the soccer jersey. On the collar of both jerseys is their flag.


Mexico is sponsored by Adidas. I did modify their logo to get rid of the soccer-related imagery. I also recolored their logo to match their white kit. Mexicos colors are red, white, and green. They have read and off white jerseys. Mexicos jerseys were a little more time-consuming due to their patterns. I did what I could to match the patterns found on the kits. I added stripes to the jerseys. Their flag is also on the collar of both jerseys.


Poland is sponsored by Nike. I did not modify their logo. Their colors are red and white. They have a red and a white jersey. Poland’s red jersey is basic. I think it matches their soccer jersey well. Their white jersey is pretty basic too. All it has on it is a pattern that is on multiple Nike Jordan shoes.


Saudi Arabia is sponsored by Nike. I did modify their logo to get rid of the soccer-related imagery. Their colors are green and white. They have a green and white jersey. Their green jersey has a green pattern over it. Their white jersey is fairly basic.


Here is what Group C looks like. The Argentina white jersey is my favorite here. #1 rank is Argentina. #2 rank is Poland. #3 rank is Mexico. #4 Rank is Saudi Arabia.


The jersey matchups are based on Qatar 2022 kit matchup information from Footy Headlines. Poland only wears their white jersey during the group stage. Mexico only wears their green jersey during the group stage. Argentina and Saudi Arabia wear both of their jerseys.



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