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Group D | Qatar 2022 Ice Hockey Concept

I’m here with Group D concepts for Qatar 2022. In my last post, I showed off my concepts for Group C. In my first post, I talked about the event itself. I have also talked about my concepts for Group A and Group B. Australia, Denmark, France, and Tunisia are in Group D. Australia is ranked 36th by the IIHF. They have the Australian Ice Hockey League as their top league. It is a semipro league. Denmark is ranked 10th by the IIHF. They have the Metal Ligaen which is their top pro league. France is ranked 13 by the IIHF. The Ligue Magnus or Synerglace Ligue Magnus is the top pro league in France. The French founded the IIHF as well. Tunisia is unranked by the IIHF. It does not look like Tunisia has a hockey league.

In this concept, the idea is that most countries would have hockey match their already existing soccer system if hockey is not already established in their county.



Group D is Australia, Denmark, France, and Tunisia. All of these teams compete in the International Ice Hockey Federation. In this concept, Australia, Denmark, and France would keep their current hockey systems. Tunisia would model their hockey system their football league system.


Australia is sponsored by Nike. Their colors are green yellow, blue, and teal. I recolored their logo to match their soccer jerseys. Australia uses a different logo on their jersey than they do on their replica jerseys. Personally, I think the logo on their replica jerseys is better. They have a yellow and a blue jersey. I was a little bit more creative with their blue jersey. The soccer jersey was pretty basic so I decided to be more creative with my concept.


Denmark is sponsored by Hummel. Hummel does not make hockey jerseys. For this concept, they work with CCM (who make the jerseys for the American Hockey League and Canadian Hockey League) to produce their hockey jerseys. Denmark’s colors are red, white, and black. I recolored their logo to match their soccer jerseys. Recolored like this their logo reminds me of coins. They have a red, a white, and a black jersey. All of the jerseys have the same pattern that two shades of the same color. On the collar it had “Human Rights For All”.

Denmark’s branding at the 2022 world cup was done in protest of human rights abuse in Qatar. As a result, their soccer uniforms are made in a way that they are a single color. I didn’t know about this until later in the competition. Another part of that was that they were banned from wearing “Human Rights For All” training shirts.


France is sponsored by Nike. Their colors are red, white, blue, and gold. I did recolor their logo to match the logos on their soccer jerseys. France has a blue and a white jersey. I put the pattern on the blue jersey because Frances’s blue soccer jersey doesn’t have anything on it. For the white jersey, I added red, white, and blue stripes. The french flag is on the sleeves of the soccer jersey so I thought the stripes would be a good addition. I changed the pattern on the white jersey as well. On the white soccer jersey their is a pattern with imagery of France. For the concept jersey I changed that to a fleur de lis pattern. On the collar is 1998 and 2018 for the years France won the world cup. Since they won the last world cup in 2018, they wear the champions logo on their shoulder.


Tunisia is sponsored by Kappa. Kappa does not make hockey jerseys. For this concept, the hockey company Bauer produces its jerseys. Tunisia’s colors are red and white. I did not modify their logo. They have a red and a white jersey. The Kappa logo is on the sleeves above the numbers. It is also in the collars. I did my best to match to the design seen in the soccer jerseys. Other then that these are pretty basic jerseys.


Here is what Group D looks like. The white Denmark jersey is my favorite. #1 rank is Denmark. #2 rank is France. #3 rank is Australia. #4 rank is Tunisia.


The jersey matchups are based on Qatar 2022 kit matchup information from Footy Headlines. Australia will wear both of their jerseys. Denmark will wear their red and white jerseys. France will only wear their blue jersey. Tunisia will only wear their white jersey.



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