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Group H | Qatar 2022 Ice Hockey Concept

I am finally here with Group H concepts for Qatar 2022. This post took me so long to finish because of the South Korean jerseys. In my last post, I showed off my concepts for Group G. In my first post, I talked about the event itself. I have also talked about my concepts for Group A, Group B, Group C, Group D, Group E, and Group F. Ghana, Portugal, South Korea, and Uruguay make up Group H. Ghana is not a part of the IIHF. Portugal is unranked by the IIHF. They do not currently have a pro league. South Korea is ranked 31st by the IIHF. Their pro teams play in the Asia League Ice Hockey. Uruguay is not an IIHF member.

In this concept, the idea is that most countries would have hockey match their already existing soccer system if hockey is not already established in their county.



Group H is Ghana, Portugal, South Korea, and Uruguay. In this concept, South Korea would be the only country to keep its current ice hockey system. Ghana, Portugal, and Uruguay would create ice hockey leagues modeled after their football league systems.


Ghana is sponsored by Puma. I did modify their logo. I took out the soccer ball. I moved the star from the top yellow part of the logo to where the soccer ball was. Their colors are red, yellow, green, black, and white. They have a red and a white jersey. On the collar of both jerseys is their flag and abbreviation.


Portugal is sponsored by Nike. I did not modify their logo. Their colors are blue, red, gold, black, white, and green. They have a red and a cream jersey.


South Korea is sponsored by Nike. I did recolor their logo to match what it looks like on their soccer jerseys. Their colors are red, white, and blue, but they are black, white, red, yellow, and blue for the world cup. They have a red and a black jersey. The red jersey has a tiger pattern. I tried to match the pattern on their black jersey but it looks more look a spray paint pattern than what is on the soccer jersey.


Uruguay is sponsored by Puma. I did modify their logo. I took the soccer ball out. Their colors are blue, white, and gold. On the collar is the Uruguay flag and abbreviation.


Here is what Group H looks like. The red South Korea jersey is my favorite. #1 ranked is Ghana. #2 Ranked is Uruguay. #3 ranked is South Korea. #4 ranked is Portugal.


The jersey matchups are based on Qatar 2022 kit matchup information from Footy Headlines. Ghana only wore their white jersey. South Korea only wore their red jersey.


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